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Video | Bathroom Design Tips & Inspiration

Newtech Bathroom Tips Video Series

Watch our video series on bathroom tips, tricks, and design inspiration. At Newtech, we are YOUR bathroom specialists. We want to help you wherever we can, whether that be providing you with high quality bathroom products or by sharing free tips, advice and inspiration for your next bathroom project.

6 Tips to Save Money on your Bathroom Reno

Bathroom renovations are expensive right? No longer. Here are 6 tips on how you can save money on your bathroom renovation.

5 Tips to give your Bathroom a Facelift (without renovating)

There is plenty of little things you can do to give your old bathroom a spruce up, without the big cost of a complete renovation. If your bathroom could do with some love, we've got some tips for you!

5 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Here are some clever tips that will help you make your small bathroom space seem large, open and inviting! We're confident that with a little know-how and design knowledge, you can transform your bathroom without spending tons of cash!

5 Tips to Clean your Bathroom Naturally

It can be cheap and easy to make your own natural cleaning products from ingredients that you already have at home. Not only are these products effective at cleaning your bathroom, they also help to minimise your environmental footprint.

5 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting

Properly lighting your bathroom will MAXIMISE your bathroom space and make your bathroom products look their very best!

How to Pick the Perfect Basin

The perfect basin is the one that fits your unique needs - with no compromise! 👌
We have spent a lot of time seeking out the most reliable & durable materials available on the market and have used those materials to their full potential, crafting an impressive range of elegant basin designs, available at very accessible prices.

About Newtech

Founded in the regional city of Whanganui in 2005, we have established ourselves as a fast-growing leader in the bathroomware space in New Zealand. Find out more about us and our great products by watching the About Newtech video series.

Welcome to Newtech

Who is Newtech? Join us as we discuss the unique customer experience we offer here for you.

Concept Bathroom Showroom in Auckland

Catch a sneak peak of our fantastic Bathroom Concept Showroom. This little teaser will get you all excited to come in and see this amazing space for yourself! We are centrally located in Penrose, Auckland, just a 1 minute drive off the SH1 off-ramp, with ample parking onsite. So pop in, grab a free coffee and prepare to be inspired by our unique bathroom creations!

Product Spotlights

Simple, Practical and Great Value bathroom products are at the heart of what makes us successful. Watch our product spotlight videos to be inspired for your next bathroom project.

Milazzo Modular Bathroom System

We are very proud to share with you what we think is a real game changer - introducing you to the Milazzo Modular Bathroom System. You are unique and so is your bathroom. So, we want to enable you to create your own unique masterpiece by customising the look, feel, size and configuration of your vanity unit. No more 'what if's', 'buts' or compromises, the Milazzo allows your vision for your bathroom to become a reality.

Our Colour Story

Colour is what brings a bathroom to life. Newtech's Citi & Qube range of Vanity units are available in an impressive range of colours. The power is now in your hands to realise your creative vision with the freedom & flexibility Newtech can offer.

Metropolitan Collection - Beautiful Bathroom Vanities

Here's a sneak peak at the new Metropolitan Collection; Newtech's Premium range of Bathroomware, coming to a town near you!

Solid Timber Vanities

Join us as we explore the materials and construction of our high-end vanity units. Giving exceptional durability and style our solid timber bathroom vanity range is highly popular.

5 Reasons to Buy a Citi or Qube Vanity Unit

There are many good reasons that our Citi and Qube Vanity Units are amongst our highest sellers! Join us as we explore why you should consider a Citi or Qube Vanity Unit for your next bathroom project.

Newtech's Bath Range

Experience the comfort, quality and value of our impressive range of baths. Pick the perfect bath for your needs; Freestanding, Back-to-Wall or Drop-in. Our range of bold, unique designs gives you a plethora of options when deciding on a style of bath to suit your bathroom.


Our video tutorials will guide you through some common bathroom related problems we all face.

Vanity Drawer Removal and Install

Having issues with removing or reinserting the drawer on your bathroom vanity unit? Watch on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove the drawer from a Newtech vanity.

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