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  • We show that we care

    We care a great deal for our customers, suppliers and staff. We are a community that works together to get exceptional outcomes.

  • We get it done

    We stop at nothing. We don’t let others down. We function as a team - if one of us fails, we all fail.

  • We trust each other

    We trust each other to make the right decisions. Everyone is empowered to make decisions and take initiative.

  • We are loyal

    We are in this together. We are loyal people who enjoy the great times and share in the tough times. We are loyal to each other, loyal to our customers and loyal to our suppliers.

  • We depend on each other

    We are a community. We support and encourage. We are dependent on each other, we combine our strengths, and we continuously learn, grow, and take on new responsibilities.


new-zealand-bathroomware new-zealand-bathroomware

Our journey began in the year 2000 from the regional city of Whanganui. A small but passionate and energetic team had a vision to not only create innovative bathroomware, but to make dreams come true for everyday New Zealanders. It all started with a simple conversation. 

Today, our team span the entire length of New Zealand and are the backbone of Newtech. From North to South we have Newtech team members ready to serve. We have people in our newly built office/manufacturing/distribution centre in Whanganui, our premier concept showroom and outlet store in Auckland, perhaps behind the wheel of our travelling Roadshow van, the team at Newtech strive to connect and offer the best possible experience for everyone. Newtech is a New Zealand owned and operate company which makes us Kiwi from beginning to end.

design-innovation design-innovation

We are at the forefront of New Zealand bathroomware and we work hard at building long lasting relationships and connections
with all of our customers and ambassadors far and wide. Being in a competitive market we understand things need to move quickly, which is why we design and create as much as we can inhouse.

Design, innovation and customer service are at the forefront of our business to ensure you are getting the very best everyday, whether that be a newly delivered product, a phone call, or a visit from one of our team members. You can trust in our product, our brand and most importantly our people.

Our journey has only just started to get exciting with our latest NZ based manufacturing plant now fully up and running. Capable of high speed automation, design flexibility, and the ability to create customised projects with virtually no limits, all in-house right here in New Zealand.


  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson
  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson
  • Tony Hart
    Tony Hart
    Innovations & Procurement Director
  • Marcus Wycherley
    Marcus Wycherley
    Sales Director
  • Joshua Olykan
    Joshua Olykan
    National Key Account Manager
  • Terry Sorensen
    Terry Sorensen
    Sales Territory Manager – Auckland North
  • Shane Farley
    Shane Farley
    Sales Executive – Auckland
  • Gareth Wycherley
    Gareth Wycherley
    Sales Executive – Lower North Island
  • Brandi Anderson
    Brandi Anderson
    Sales Executive – Lower North Island
  • Anna Murdoch Champion
    Anna Murdoch Champion
    Showroom Consultant
  • Nicola Lynch
    Nicola Lynch
    Sales Action Team Coordinator
  • Shamini Shanmugan
    Shamini Shanmugan
    Sales Action
  • Kearny Hart
    Kearny Hart
    Sales Action
  • Alberta Currie
    Alberta Currie
    Sales Action
  • Zoe Joyes
    Zoe Joyes
    Sales Action
  • Rein Diloy
    Rein Diloy
    Sales Action
  • Sarya Lower
    Sarya Lower
    Sales Action
  • Shani Holly
    Shani Holly
    Sales Action
  • Tayla Coker
    Tayla Coker
    Sales Action
  • Sapphire Anderson
    Sapphire Anderson
    AMP Team Coordinator
  • Bianca Meinjtes
    Bianca Meinjtes
  • Harley Anderson
    Harley Anderson
  • Alexa Shearer
    Alexa Shearer
  • Aliesha Fairweather
    Aliesha Fairweather
  • tegan-johnson
    Tegan Johnson
  • Princess Garcia
    Princess Garcia
    Fast Response
  • Lyndsay Pamintuan
    Lyndsay Pamintuan
    Fast Response
  • Jheymie Teofilo
    Jheymie Teofilo
    Fast Response
  • Rhonda Vanzyhl
    Rhonda Vanzyhl
    Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • Helen Hao
    Helen Hao
    Digital Marketer
  • Jorga Forrest
    Jorga Forrest
    Marketing Assistant
  • Abigail Serrano
    Abigail Serrano
    Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Jarvis Hart
    Jarvis Hart
    CAD Designer
  • Fletcher Anderson
    Fletcher Anderson
    CAD Designer
  • Rikki Sturdee
    Rikki Sturdee
    CAD Designer
  • Jodi Hugo
    Jodi Hugo
    Innovations & Product Development
  • Rebecca Benge
    Rebecca Benge
    Assembly Workflow Co-Ordinator
  • michelle-cooper
    Michelle Cooper
    Procurement & Inventory Officer
  • Katie Denman
    Katie Denman
    Executive Assistant and People & Culture
  • sandro-olla
    Sandro Olla
    Outlet Warehouse Assistant
  • Katrina White
    Katrina White
    Senior Financial Controller
  • Carole Pryce
    Carole Pryce
    Accounts Receivable
  • Paula Jackson
    Paula Jackson
    Accounts Payable
  • Bronia Wallis
    Bronia Wallis
    Executive Assistant & Sales Support
  • Ben MacFaigan
    Ben MacFaigan
    IT Team Leader
  • Connor Gibson
    Connor Gibson
    Senior IT System Administrator
  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson
    Senior Developer & IT Support
  • Zuhayr Mohammed
    Zuhayr Mohammed
    Software Developer & IT Support