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Milu PIR Sensor 12V

The Milu PIR 12V Sensor automatically activates Milu’s odour control system so odours are eliminated no matter what.

  • Automatically activates Milu’s odour control system when motion is detected
  • Once motion is detected within range, the Odour Control System is activated and remains on while motion is present. When motion is no longer present the fan runs for 4 minutes before turning off
  • Sensor field of view has been designed to function within a small space to isolate the operating zone and minimise false triggers


  • Designed for installation on the ceiling above the toilet (70mm circular ceiling cut-out)
  • 2mm DC plug and socket for easy connection

Check out our Milu Odourless Toilet Brochure here

This combination of options is not available
$111.00 NZD
SKU: 8060