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Six Ways to Save on Your Bathroom Renovations

24th May 2019

Renovating your bathroom to give it a sense of opulence or space need not be costly, especially if you don’t mind some DIY. Here are six tips for the frugally minded.

Add a touch of tile

Be smart with how and where you tile. Putting tiles in only the most used areas will give a luxurious look without breaking the bank. Limit yourself to the areas that most need it – the shower, a splashback for your basin or that part of the floor with the heaviest use. Then turn to paint, wallpaper, vinyl or other cost-effective products for areas that see lighter use.

Also, choose your tiles with care, not only the colour and design, patterned or plain, but the size. Large tiles look great but can result in more wastage by the time they are cut down. Being bigger mean they are more fragile and so more prone to being damaged prior to or during installation.

Plumb smarter

When renovating, do you really need to move your bath, shower or vanity to a new position? This will add significant costs as well as sending perfectly serviceable plumbing straight to the tip. Try your best to keep existing plumbing and electrics in the same locations.

And hang on to any fittings and fixtures that can be re-used. Remember, most of these will be hidden from sight!

Bypass the bureaucrats

Here in New Zealand, building consents are not cheap. You can keep these costs down by replacing like-for-like. A wet-area shower may be nice to have but will need building consent if it is replacing a box shower. See this article on the building consent requirements for wet area showers. Instead, why not upgrade your existing box shower to a larger or more luxurious model? But in saying that, it is important to always consult with your local council, building inspector or consent body before making any alterations.

Splurge where it counts.

Quality lasts so concentrate your cash on the things that will get most use, such as the taps, shower or vanity unit. Then you can save on things that get less use or won’t wear out – the towel rail, the mirror or even the bath.

Let there be light

It is easy to make your bathroom look bigger and more elegant with the correct lighting. Why splash out on fancy fittings? Be smart with where you put your lights. Make the best use of any natural light then ensure you light up the darker areas with strategically place downlights. Using soft or frosted lights over glaring and hard lights will make for a calmer, more relaxing mood.

Repurposed accessories

Your renovated bathroom is ready but there is no budget left for those accessories to give it your sense of style. You can create unique accent pieces without spending up large on hefty price tag items by repurposing. Upcycling adds your unique sense of ambience without breaking the bank. Use an unusual or old bottle as a soap dispenser, or spray paint one as vase. Look round op shops and garage sales for old ceramic dishes to store bath bombs and essential oils or to hold toothbrushes. Turn that leftover piece of copper piping from the plumbing into a towel rail. You are only limited by your creativity.

And the savings can be substantial!

There it is: six tips to save money on your bathroom renovation. We hope this has helped you make smart choices when it comes to your bathroom build. Until next time – make better bathrooms.