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Rimless Toilets

12th Apr 2019

It’s probably fair to say, you don’t see many headlines talking about the latest innovations in toilet technology, and understandably so. Despite some small cosmetic changes and technological tweaks over the years, the humble dunny has largely remained unchanged. Well, guess what, the ‘loo’ has just had a facelift!

Rimless technology is starting to gain some serious traction in the marketplace. However, when consumers hear the word ‘rimless’, they don’t quite know what to think. How is taking the rim away going to be better? What’s it going to look like - some space-aged tech? With no rim, am I going to fall in (seriously)? Well today, we are going to be giving rimless the once over!

Why get rid of the rim?

Let's get back to basics; Toilets 101. Anybody with any experience in cleaning toilets will know that the underside of the toilet rim is a magnet for all types of dreaded lurgys. Bacteria, limescale and other material gradually build up over time, requiring some serious elbow grease and fairly strong chemical cleaners in order to keep things under control. So, what if a clever someone said ‘let’s get rid of the rim all together’, and with it, the need for all that hard work. I think you would hear a unanimous ‘YES!’ resonating from bathrooms all around the country. With the removal of the rim, cleaning is made quick and easy - put away the toilet brush and pull out the cleaning cloth! Endless scrubbing is a thing of the past, with just some light cleaning proving highly effective at keeping things clean and spotless. But doesn’t taking away the rim mean the flush is worse?

All bark and no flush?

We decided it would be pointless to remove the rim if it meant the flush was compromised. So, our product developers got quickly to work, developing a flush that is powerful, effective, yet light on water. Many flushes later, we developed a flush to be proud of! This results in an even distribution of water around the pan, a 4 star WELS rating AND the elimination of the dreaded splashback; the trifecta! But hang on, easier to clean and an effective flush… I’m going to be paying through the roof for this privilege, aren’t I?

Deep pockets?

Despite being ‘hot off the press’ and the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’, rimless toilets aren’t going to cost you a bomb. They are typically priced in the same range as traditional toilets - which makes sense we believe! Why should you pay substantially more for something that is essentially less than what you already have (rim-less, that is). It’s about working smarter, not harder - and that is precisely what Rimless is offering. Get excited people; we are!

All these benefits have led some experts to predict that rimless toilets are the way of the future! We agree, so that’s why we created the Sorano; a stylish rimless toilet with all the benefits discussed above. Check it out below, and for more information give our customer service team a buzz today.