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5 Tips to Give Your Tired Bathroom a Facelift (Without Renovating)

Giving your bathroom a new lease of life need not involve an expensive renovation. There are many small adjustments you can make to have your bathroom looking beautiful again. Here's five tips you can put into practice today!

Tidy up!

Start your spruce up by decluttering the countless bottles and potions lying all around the place - and
if necessary, purchase some affordable storage in the form of wall shelves, baskets or a tower station
to keep things tidy and organised. To spruce up old tiles, firstly eliminate any built up grime in
between tiles with a thorough clean and if they still don’t look up to scratch, consider using an
affordable grout stain and sealant to bring them back to life.

Upgrade taps and fixtures

Give your bathroom a well deserved birthday by upgrading to more modern hardware and fixtures.
This includes your tapware and towel rail, as well as the handles on your vanity cabinet - making sure
to match the same dimensions and specifications of the existing fixtures.

A new colour scheme

With just a little handy work, you can quite easily modernise the colour palette of your bathroom.
Consider replacing old weathered wallpaper with a more modern pattern or a fresh lick of paint - not
forgetting to strip, scrub, plaster and sand the wall first. Give unsightly coloured tiles a modern twist
by carefully priming and painting them a colour that matches your theme. Finally add some finishing
touches by picking up some new towels, plants and artwork to add some character to your space.

Replace accessories

After you’ve redefined your colour palette, consider replacing any tired accessories that feel out of
place such as your old soap dispenser, toilet roll holder, light fixtures, shower curtain, mirror and/or
towel rail. These aren’t very costly items to replace, but play a big role in how modern, clean and
fresh your bathroom feels.


Finally, you want to protect all of your hard work by ensuring you have adequate ventilation, so finish
off your bathroom facelift by replacing your old extractor fan. Make sure to run a duct to the exterior of
your house so you don’t just fill up your ceiling space with warm damp air, which can cause mould
and mildew to develop.

There you have it, 5 tips to give your old bathroom a new lease of life without breaking the bank on an expensive renovation. For more great tips like this check out our other articles.

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