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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Bathroom Colour Scheme

2nd Sep 2019

Everybody loves a beautiful bathroom.

The problem is, not everyone knows the principles of what sets a great looking bathroom apart from the mediocre. Its not just as easy as buying a bath, and a vanity, and nailing them to the floor.

One of the key things to think about is the colour scheme. A great colour scheme will take your bathroom to a new level. And it really doesnt have to be expensive.

So how do you navigate past a million coloured swatches, to a colour scheme that is perfect for your bathroom?

The Power of 3

Sometimes in the face of endless options, it helps to set yourself some rules to gain some clarity - and one way to do this is limit yourself to 3 colours. A good rule of thumb is to have 1 neutral colour which is used for the majority of your bathroom, then a richer colour used sparingly to add some contrast, then finishing with just a smidgen of an accent colour to add some real personality to your space.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

If you have a particular colour in mind as a starting point, but don’t know where to go from that, go grab yourself a colour wheel from your local paint shop or use one of the many free online tools to help generate some ideas for coordinated colours to fill out your palette. By reaching for some complimentary colours, as well as shades or tints of your base colour - you can very quickly construct a beautiful colour scheme.

All about the Mood

Rather than just choosing colours you like, try thinking about the mood you want to create - the feeling that someone gets when they walk into your bathroom. For a ‘calm and tranquil’ mood, try reaching for cool blues or neutral greys, maybe pastel yellow or forest green for something more ‘edgy and modern’, or the classic marble white and navy blue for a ‘timeless and elegant’ look. Defining the mood of your bathroom really helps you tell a story with your colour choices.

Look around

To create a unified aesthetic throughout your house, it’s essential that your bathroom feels like it ‘lives in the same world’. One way to do this is by taking a feature colour from some other area of your house - and either using the same colour, a lighter tint of that colour, or it’s complementary colour somewhere within your bathroom. Make sure to use something permanent as a guide colour - stay away from using a particular accessory or piece of furniture that may not be there in a few years time.

Rough it up

Finally, large flat areas of colour can be a great modern look - but sometimes adding some texture can help take things to the next level. Depending on the mood you want to create, utilise either subtle or bold patterns for your walls, floors or towels, try a textured wallpaper to break up an otherwise flat looking wall, or add some colour depth with some marble or textured tiles.

Like every set of ‘rules’, these are made to be broken - so get creative and find new ways to create something unique for your bathroom.